Dan + Leah: Nashville Engagement Photography

I literally had not seen Leah since we graduated high school, I believe. She was gorgeous then, and she's breathtakingly gorgeous now. Obviously she's found her beautiful man to match. What was even better to photograph was their sweetness and adoration for each other. Dan tried to "guide the eye", as he put it, suggesting spots along our route, trying to make this as great as he could for his lady. I thought it was precious. 

On their first date, to break the ice, Dan gave Leah the choice between tequila shots and making out. She chose the shots... but who knows if she chose the latter later. So, we revisited that special location called Honky Tonk Central, grabbed some shots and sat them at the exact same table. Precious Dan even bought the occupants a couple of beers to let us borrow it for some photos. 

I had such a great time seeing Leah again, meeting her mate, and capturing them around downtown Nashville. I am so happy for you both! CONGRATULATIONS!

The Thompsons: Atlanta Family Photography

Oh my- How I LOVE this family. I am just going to save all of the sap, but know that I am FULL of it for these guys. 

So glad I was able to get down to ATL to capture them in this home sweet home of theirs before they move to the biggest city in the country! 



Introducing Charlotte: Nashville Newborn Photography

It was only a few days after their maternity shoot that Chandler and Mat welcomed little Charlotte into the world! 

Chandler was the most blissfully happy and peaceful new momma ever. I was sure to capture this for her, as I know how short-lived it can be. Ha! 

Thank you for letting me capture you all in this most precious time.

She's gorgeous, mom and dad! Congratulations!



Jason + Christy: The Wedding

I've known Christy as the younger sister to my best friend since college. I was honored when she asked me to capture her special day, marrying her best friend Jason. These two have an ease between them that is so precious. They really do adore one another, and it's easy to see by the way they look at each other. I really enjoyed photographing these guys, their family, and friends! Such a great time!

Thanks again! Wishing a lifetime of happiness for you both.


The Atkins: Nashville Family Photography

I really enjoyed meeting this family recently! They braved a cold morning after a night of storms, but we still had a great time! I just love capturing sibling love, and how instant it is for such young kiddos. There is a lot of it between these 3. 

Thank you Atkins Family!


Kevin + Anne: Nashville Engagement Photography

Meet Kevin and Anne! They met in D.C., and relocated to our great city of Nashville.

I adore this couple.  Having never met me before, they didn't take themselves too seriously and took the opportunity to just enjoy loving on each other. Ahhh, engagement! 

Thank you both so much! I really enjoyed capturing these for you!


Chandler + Mat: Nashville Maternity Photography

One of the sweetest couple's I've met, right here. They really are just precious people, and I can only imagine the angel they will raise. I am over-the-moon excited for them to experience parenthood together with little Charlotte VERY soon!

So happy for you guys! 

Baby Brown - Nashville Birth Photography

We were packed and ready to document the birth of this little one. Well, baby girl had a different plan, sending momma in for an Emergency C-section. All went well, and, luckily, I got to sneak in and capture these 3 together shortly after. 

Few moments in life are as blissful as these. Thank you, Brown family!


The Kuhns Family - Dickson Family Photography

I drug this poor family around downtown Dickson in the bitter cold the other day, and they still gave me genuine smiles the entire session! They are easy-going and fun-loving. I adore these guys and really enjoyed photographing them!

Thanks so much!!

Amanda + Stephen - Nashville Engagement Photography

Amanda has been one of my very best friends for over 10 years. I am not even going to begin to gush about my love for her, but she's a friend to my core.

This handsome lad is taking her an hour away from me soon (which feels like a daunting journey compared to our current 15 min commute), but these photos will remind me that she's where she should be.

Photographing this engagement session solidified my appreciation and love for Stephen. He looks at Amanda the way I'd want her partner to look at her... naturally adoringly and captivated. Plus, he's a southern gentleman with a fantastic sense of humor.

Can't wait to stand by you next summer!


The Martins - Nashville Family Photography

I met this family for the first time last weekend, and I left feeling like their best friend. They are so open, hilarious, welcoming and warm. Also, their home is awesome!

Thank you for inviting me to capture you all! Enjoyed meeting you!


The Lanes - Nashville Family Photography

I have photographed this couple for several years now, and I absolutely LOVE photographing them as parents. I can't say enough wonderful things about this family. Love you very much!

Thanks for having me capture these!