A Gal + Her Pups - Dickson Pet Photography

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy photographing pets. When Meghan hit me up for photos with her dogs, I was overjoyed. We had SO MUCH FUN playing around this gorgeous farm.

These sweet pups are gorgeous and full of personality!

The Bouldins - Dickson Family Photography

I've been friends with this gorgeous momma since high school. She looks EXACTLY the same, and she's still just as kind and funny as ever. Now, she's got a sweet husband and two darling kiddos. I really enjoyed photographing these guys at their beautiful home!

Thanks again!

Littlest Luther: Nashville Birth Photography

Taylor is always gorgeous, and these photos prove it.

Ridley's entrance to the world was fast and peaceful... just what you wish for!

Thank you guys somuch for letting me capture such an important moment. INCREDIBLE.

Happy birthday to your baby girl!

Marley the musician

One of the things I love about my stepdaughter is her spontaneity.

This works out for me so well when I discover a new photo location or get a crazy idea. I picked her up from a long day at music camp, and seeing she had her guitar with her, asked if she wanted to model by a tour bus with it. I already knew her answer.

We swung by this bus we pass pretty often in a nearby neighborhood, and she belted out some "Do Re Mi" and "Are You Sleeping, Brother John" like she wrote them herself.

Is she gorgeous, or what?