Dan + Leah: Nashville Engagement Photography

I literally had not seen Leah since we graduated high school, I believe. She was gorgeous then, and she's breathtakingly gorgeous now. Obviously she's found her beautiful man to match. What was even better to photograph was their sweetness and adoration for each other. Dan tried to "guide the eye", as he put it, suggesting spots along our route, trying to make this as great as he could for his lady. I thought it was precious. 

On their first date, to break the ice, Dan gave Leah the choice between tequila shots and making out. She chose the shots... but who knows if she chose the latter later. So, we revisited that special location called Honky Tonk Central, grabbed some shots and sat them at the exact same table. Precious Dan even bought the occupants a couple of beers to let us borrow it for some photos. 

I had such a great time seeing Leah again, meeting her mate, and capturing them around downtown Nashville. I am so happy for you both! CONGRATULATIONS!